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Republic Commando

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Galaxy At War III - Results [15/3/2013]
News Update by: Vash

The first event of the new WarZone is over and the peace in the Galaxy has been restored once again!

Thanks to all clans who took part in this great battle!

Top Club Scores:

Rank Club Name Rating

1st `°»RnR«°´ 77.02
2nd («7DS») 60.62
3rd ]-TX-[ 54.59
4th -=TAG=- 53.51
5th -]RC[- 42.85

Top Individual Scores:

Rank Player Name Rating

1 -=TAG=-_Crysis 53.22
2 («7DS»)_Vanity 50.55
3 («7DS»)_Flash 47.60
4 -=TAG=-_EnDever 47.34
5 ]-TX-[_SAMO 45.21
6 `°»RnR«°´_Dominator 43.75
7 `°»RnR«°´_BEAAF 43.04
8 `°»RnR«°´_Lebros 42.01
9 `°»RnR«°´_Deity 41.27
10 -=TAG=-_Danny 41.21

Complete results are available here:


I would like to remind all clans to be on the look out for new clans, and ask all to join Republic Commando at TeamXtreme WarZone.

or they can contact me via XFIRE (doomedvash)


All players are expected to check their PMs whenever possible. Club and Game Captains are expected to check and respond to ALL PMS received with special attention to PMs from Moderators and other Club/Game Captains. Failure to do so could result in loss of matches or loss of participation privileges.

Thanks again to all that participated for another great RC event!

Further discussion at (Republic Commando Forums):


GAW III (AFK rule edit) [11/3/2013]
News Update by: DC-17

Here is some information regarding how to handle a situation when a player is AFK during a match.

First of all, to make sure you can prove your opponent was AFK, take a screenshot when he said he would AFK, so we can see on the screenshot the time when he stopped playing. Take also a screenshot when he returns (do not hesitate to post a 3rd screenshot of the console so we can see nothing happened during that time span.


A player is allowed to go AFK 10 mins maximum (in total). If he goes over that time and that his opponent can prove it, the player surrenders automatically (no matter if he was winning 9-0).

Of course you can allow your opponent to go AFK more than 10 mins if that doesn't bother you or if you made an agreement on the forehand


A MATCH WILL NOT BE STOPPED IF A PLAYER GOES AFK, unless the enemy team agrees. Basically, if one of your teammate is AFK, the match will carry on, and you will have to manage the situation with one (or more) player(s) down until he/they come(s) back!

If both teams agreed on the forehand that the match will stop if someone says "stop" or "afk", they will have to respect it. You can prove you had an agreement with the enemy team by posting a screenshot.

Good luck in the tournament!

ATTENTION [11/3/2013]
News Update by: Vash


The players 7DS_Vanity, TAG_Crysis and TAG_007 will be frozen from 2013-03-11 12:00 AM GMT+1 for the rest of this event. After this time, people are not allowed to play with/against these players.

Vanity has been caught playing under an alias for another player. Crysis and 007 tolerated this. This heavy rule violation will not be tolerated for anyone playing in official WarZone events!

If you have played matches with/against them during the server downtime, you now have 12 hours to report them. Match reports after this time containing these people will be deleted immediately!

If they get caught playing under an alias while they are frozen, they may get frozen from the next events as well!

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RC Top Overall Clubs
77.02 - `°»RnR«°´
60.62 - («7DS»)
54.59 - ]-TX-[
53.51 - -=TAG=-
42.85 - -]RC[-
RC Top Overall Players
53.22 - Crysis
50.55 - Pride
47.60 - Flash
47.34 - EnDever
45.21 - SAMO
Top Overall Clubs
77.02 - `°»RnR«°´
60.62 - («7DS»)
54.59 - ]-TX-[
53.51 - -=TAG=-
42.85 - -]RC[-
Top Club Awards
  [1] `°»RnR«°´
[1] ]-TX-[
[1] («7DS»)
Top Overall Players
53.22 - Crysis
50.55 - Pride
47.60 - Flash
47.34 - EnDever
45.21 - SAMO
Top Player Awards
  [1] SAMO
[1] Pride
[1] Flash
[1] EnDever
[1] Crysis