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About TeamXtreme WarZone
TeamXtreme WarZone, based on the original Ecliptical Realms system, is a five year long concept to provide a "weighted" gaming system to even out events in the online environment. The design is based on engineers and statisticians involved in the creation of the site, using programmers as the tools to provide the system and get our ideas to the public. This is in contrast to many other online gaming stat services where programmers are putting themselves in the position of statistician.

Our experience in the online gaming industry starts before the internet was used for online gaming. The creators of the original Ecliptical Realms got their start in game statistical services in late 1995 when they hosted modem tournaments nationwide in the U.S. Since then we have worked at various gaming sites, created a game review site, game fan sites, and end users of other gaming statistical systems.

We also intend on implementing the latest in anti-cheating philosophies to provide the users of TeamXtreme WarZone an even and enjoyable use of events.

Services Offered:

Squad/Clan/Tribe Signup - We offer groups of players with common interest to sign up their unit to participate in events at TeamXtreme WarZone.

Battles - TeamXtreme WarZone has a weighted Battle system where reports are submitted to this site and statistics are tracked to decide the top players and the top units. With this system, no minimum games are required and popular tactics such as "Newbie Bashing" and "Playing your Neighbor" result in less overall points being distributed. Also, our featured statistic "Higher Ranks Played" is a "Live" stat meaning that the number can change throughout the Battle depending on past and future Battles against opponents. This makes it less likely for a person to "affect" their own statistics.

The top units are decided by an example of the following catagories in the Battle:
  • Number of Players
  • Number of Games Played
  • Victory Ratio
  • Attrition Ratio
  • Unique Opponents Played
  • Higher Ranks Played

The top players in a Battle are decided by an example of these following catagories:
  • Number of Games Played
  • Victory Ratio
  • Attrition Ratio
  • Unique Opponents Played
  • Higher Ranks Played

Tournaments - TeamXtreme WarZone is proud to add another new feature with our tournament section. Our tournaments are double-elimination style where a person has to lose two matches to be knocked out of the tournament. Tournaments can feature single or team play where a maximum of 4 people per team can play. Our system allows a maximum of 32 teams able to participate in the tournament.

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