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Star Wars: Republic Commando
GAW III Feedback
 DC-17 Last Activity 2013-05-13 3:05 PM
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Posts: 21

Joined: 2013-03-04
XFire: eliteclone

Subject : RE: GAW III Feedback
Posted : 2013-03-19 2:19 PM
Post #231 - In reply to #224

Originally written by Flash on 2013-03-19 4:17 AM

Doing what you're suggesting would create an even larger blackballing problem and we would have more scores like Samo's. I don't think you're considering that teams with higher activity are taking a SIGNIFICANTLY higher risk than teams with less activity. If Samo would have played 40 matches total, he definitely would have lost at some point (not that Samo's bad but it's nearly impossible to farm noobs for 40 matches and eventually you're going to run into somebody that's better than you). If you decide to change the scoring algorithm for clan ratings that promotes more emphasis on the other categories then people are going to try even HARDER to make sure that they are winning more and getting more kills, and what's an easier way to do this than blackball?

Making a change like this is definitely the wrong way to go. Placing an emphasis on rewarding people with higher activity is the only thing keeping blackballing as low as it is.

No it wouldn't, this change would only affect the clan rankings. What the current system does is punish clans for letting all their members play even if they can only play 5-10 matches in a week. The only thing they gain is playing the most matches. A 4.00 award (all other top clans still got 5.6-6.85) but losing out at least 20 points (out of 30) from the two categories that is based on Avg.

This means that playing with a lot of different members will only benefit your opponents as it will raise their Avg. Unique opponents, avg. games per player and technically their games as well.

Like I said, clans that wants to win should play with as few and active members as possible. The only thing they will lose out on is number of games. And that is a maximum 10.00 points. While you have a lot bigger chance of getting 30.00 points for avg. games per player and Avg. unique opponents. Get two players in one clan to play 50 matches together against about 25 unique opponents and they would get 2.50 points from games but 15.00 from Avg. games per player (as well as lowering all other clans point from this) and about 10.00 from Avg. unique opponents. (These are very rough point estimates but I don't think it would be far from the truth)

Tell me which one actually puts emphasis on activity, making few people play a lot of matches or having a lot of people play a lot of matches together.

On a side note regarding Samo's score, had Crysis lost 1 of his 23 wins he would have been surpassed by Samo. (Both would have ended up losing to Pride however). This would basically double the points everyone else got from the Victory ratio and Crysis would still get the same amount.
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